The Malone Family Foundation Grant

What is The Malone Family Foundation Grant?

It has been The Malone Family Foundation? mission to promote in the lives of people the positive changes that can help turn them into individuals who can enhance and build the communities they live in. We give support to initiatives that focus on improving the quality of education and in motivating and improving the self-esteem of pre-kindergarten students all the way to their higher education. The Foundation expresses a strong interest in the support of innovative endeavors that can lead to better-educated citizenry and a greater standard of living.

How to apply for The Malone Family Foundation Grant?

The Applicant must submit a Letter of Inquiry in accordance with the Grant Making Guidelines.

The applicant may receive an invitation for the submission of an official Grant Application Form or a Letter of Denial.

Where to send applications for The Malone Family Foundation Grant?

Applications for the Malone Family Foundation Grant should be sent to the following address:

The Malone Family Foundation
Attention: Grant Requests
P.O. Box 531085
Birmingham, Alabama 35253

For more information on The Malone Family Foundation, contact:

President Alyson Bagby
Vice President Catherine Wilson
The Malone Family Foundation
P.O. Box 531085

Birmingham, AL 35253
(205) 423-0901

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