Grants for AIDS

AIDS is a worldwide problem that requires cooperative efforts to solve. For this reason, a great number of organizations, both non-government and government, are giving out grants for AIDS to help fight the disease, treat victims, find a cure and prevent its spread.


– this grant was established by MAC Cosmetics in 1994. This fund is given to support people who have been affected by the disease in all parts of the world. It provides assistance to four areas that has been identified as critically in need: poverty, care, treatment and prevention. Eligible to apply for the grant are nonprofit organizations concerned with HIV/AIDS. This is a one-time grant and range is from $5,000 to $25,000. Applicants can submit their proposals any time of the year. Reviews and awards of grants are done quarterly. You can get more information about this grant from the MAC AIDS Fund website.

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

– this foundation works with their global partners in strengthening cooperative efforts to treat and prevent the spread of AIDS. It supports the development of HIV vaccine and provides funds for research strategies to prevent the disease and allow access to treatments that have been proven effective. You can go to their website on funding for HIV/AIDS for more information about how to submit proposals for funding.


– USAID has been extending help to make a better life for people around the world. It is the main agency that represents the US to the world as it extends assistance to foreign countries in need of economic, trade and humanitarian assistance. USAID is also involved in providing assistance to the global fight against HIV/AIDS through grants that supports development of strategies to prevent the disease, educate the public, allow open access to voluntary testing and counseling, and care of victims. You can go to the USAID HIV/AIDS website for more information.

Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation (ETAF)

– the actress began her advocacy work against AIDS through fundraising for AIDS after another actor died of the disease and in 1991, she decided to establish her own foundation to focus on caring for AIDS victims throughout the world. One of the foundations current projects is sending medical vans, medicines and doctors to needy areas in the country and in villages in sub-Saharan Africa. You can get more information about the foundation grants in the ETAF website.

Before you start preparing a grant proposal, make sure that you read carefully the guidelines and directions given by the grantor. They will have specific instructions on what documents you should send completed and signed accordingly. Forgetting these details can result to denials or rejections of your grant applications.

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