Grants for Farmland Protection Program

To help conserve farmlands and ranches from being used for non-agricultural purposes, the Department of Agriculture sponsored the Farmland Protection Program in partnership with the government and tribal agencies which will fund the acquisition of easements. A conservation plan is needed for highly erodible land and the maximum market share of the federal government is 50.

Who is Eligible to Apply for Grants for Farmland Protection Program?

Those who are eligible to apply for the grant are the state, local, and tribal agencies and must match at least 25% of the grant that they will receive. They must also fund their own administrative costs in the acquisition of easements.

How to Apply for Grants for Farmland Protection Program?

To apply for the aforementioned grant, you can contact the person in charge for the program and inquire about the necessary process for application.

Where to Apply for Grants for Farmland Protection Program?

Visit the NRCS office or contact them via phone or letter to inquire about the grant and where to submit the necessary documents upon accomplishing them.

For more information on Grants for Farmland Protection Program, contact:

Robert Glennon
Easement Programs Division
Natural Resources Conservation Service
Department of Agriculture
P.O. Box 2890
Washington, DC 20013

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