Grants for Beginning Farmers

As the current administration supports the cause of farming all over the United States, there are programs that are offered to farmers in order to help them in their farming needs. There are grants for beginning farmers in which recipients can use to further improve their farming skills and works as they face the challenging task of farming in the country.

Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Program

The Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Program or simply the BFRDP is created to give support to the beginning farmers as well as ranchers all over the country. The main objective of this program is to innovate and present outreach, education, mentoring as well as internships through programs by offering grants. Interested parties must submit a proposal containing the budget request that will not be greater than $250,000 annually for the Standard Project and the Educational Enhancement Teams (the two kinds of grants they offer) with maximum operation of three years. There are eligibility requirements to the BFRDP grants: recipients must be a mutual State, local, tribal or network that is based regionally as well as partnering with the public and private entities. For more details and to know more about how the grants work, contact Suresh Sureshwaran by calling her at (202) 720-7536 or email at Compete information and details about the grants are available at Application is year round and can be completed online.

National Institute of Food and Agriculture
Waterfront Centre
800 9th St. SW., Washington, DC 20024

Interested parties can send a mail addressed to:

1400 Independence Avenue SW., Stop 2201,
Washington, DC 20250-2201

Value Added Producer Grants

The USDA Rural Development created the Value Added Producer Grants in which the federal government through the USDA is awarding cash assistance to deserving beginning farmers. The amount is up to $300,000 that can be used as the working capital and $100,000 that is used for planning. The VAPG is made to assist farmers and even ranchers to attain more portions in the retail dollar.

To apply for the Value Added Producer Grants of the US Department of Agriculture Rural Development, contact your local state office or you can log on to visit this website at This website also has the other programs of the USDA Rural Development. To know more about the VAPG, you can visit this website and gather as much information as you want:

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