Grants for Aquaponics

Aquaponics is fairly new as an industry. This is a technological advancement in the field of agriculture that unites the main principles of hydroponic production of the crops and of the fish farming. The resulting system is very beneficial to both the fish and the plants because the nutrients are added naturally to the water through the fish that will benefit the plants. On the other hand, the plants will then remove the excess nitrates that are harmful to the fish. In addition to this benefit, there will be less chemicals needed to uphold the proper balance of the water.

The NIFA or National Institute of Food and Agriculture under direct supervision of U.S. Department of Agriculture are giving grants for aquaponics to projects about research the development that will benefit the aquaponics industry as well as use the technology into operations that are large scale. The applicants for the said grants must submit their applications to the right category. Last year, 2010, NIFA awarded seven grant programs, summing up to financial aid of $229 million.

Aside from these specifics grantors who are providing financial aids, there are private foundations, organizations and even individuals that are willing to help and provide grants for aquaponics. For example, you can try looking online in order to know more international networking for this emerging industry. They can assist you in finding private groups that will provide financial aid to fund new projects regarding aquaponics. These groups are aiming to introduce aquaponics in the one of the major sources of producing foods. You can use the money granted to you to sustain and extend aquaponics technology in your location. In order to get the grants from the organizations listed, you have carefully read the guidelines and get all the necessary requirements and documents. Grants are helping hand given to you in form of money and there is no need to repay the amount granted to you.

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