Agriculture & Farm Grants

Farming is still considered as the backbone of major industries in the US. It is the most basic and most in demand area of food production because it covers everything from growing potatoes to raising livestock and dairy production. Agriculture has been around since the very early years of mankind and it has adapted beautifully to all kinds of change and development.

To meet the ever increasing demand for food production, the US government, as well as some private entities and foundations, give grants to farmers. There are grants to purchase land, buy new farm equipment or facilities, research new ways to breed animals or grow crops, purchase seeds and so on. Grant opportunities are increasing for today’s farmers, with special focus on the areas of technology development for ethanol and farm by-product fuel sources.

If you wish to apply for government grant for farms, you need to first understand the specific details of your intended farm project and who will benefit from it will benefit before you proceed to looking for the appropriate grant agencies.

Farming and Agriculture Government Grants

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) is the leading agency when it comes to Agricultural grants. The Farm Service Agency (FSA), on the other hand, is the USDA arm which regulates farm income. These two agencies give farmers support and ensure that they have enough funding to continue production.

Grant fundings are normally given for the following areas: land and water conservation, credit to farmers who are disadvantaged, and disaster relief. Grants are also set aside for minorities. Hispanic farmers, for example, are given assistance in order for them to continue farming and ranching. Farmers who want to venture into organic farming are also encouraged. The USDA and FSA are more inclined to support family farming efforts rather than agri-farming.

Where To Look For Farming and Agriculture Grants

You may initially inquire with the USDA Rural Development Agency to find agricultural grants. They offer funding for labor housing, preserving old farm houses and outbuildings, energy costs, and developing a rural business, among others.

Next, you may try the Agricultural Marketing Service to see the current grant programs that they have for farmers. The Agricultural Marketing Service manages the Specialty Crop Block Grant Program, which is a part of a larger Farm Bill. Farmers are encouraged to apply for grants through this agency.

Also, check with the state Department of Agriculture to see the grant programs they have available for local farmers. This is a better alternative since your competition for the grants will only be farmers within your state.