Grants for Abused Women

Grants for abused women and to combat domestic abuse are given by the government, corporate sources, and charitable foundations all over the United States. It seems that there is no shortage of money to fight domestic abuse and to rehabilitate and support abused women in this country.

The Office of Violence against Women of the U.S. Department of Justice administers 19 federal grants to minimize incidents of domestic violence. These federal grants are channeled to the different state governments for local level distribution. State governments, in addition to the federal grants, have also their own state grants for abused women. The STOP (Services, Training, Officers, Prosecutors) grants are aimed at improving effective enforcement of laws pertaining to domestic abuse and providing additional advocacies for the victims and sufferers of domestic violence. Under this program, each state is mandated to receive $600,000 and any funds in excess are distributed to the different states on the basis of their population.

Corporate grants are also available to combat domestic abuse and to support abused women. For example, the Allstate Foundation, working together with the National Network to End Domestic Violence is offering grants which focus on the education and on the job training of abused women. Survivors of domestic abuse are awarded grants of as much as $1,000 to defray educational expenses.

The Mary Kay Foundation is offering a Shelter grant to support the operation costs in domestic violence shelters which are the refuge of abused women. The Mary Kay Foundation awards grant funds to enable every state to have and operate at least one shelter.

In addition to the corporate sources, private foundations also provide an invaluable assistance in combating domestic violence and the arduous task of rehabilitating abused women in order for them to become productive members of the society again. The Amy’s Courage Fund gives emergency assistance to those who have suffered from domestic violence and escaped from this abusive situation. The grant money, which may amount up to $2,000, may be used by the victim of domestic violence when they move out, for new housing expenses, for transportation expenses, for any legal fees that they may incur.

The R.O.S.E. Fund provides opportunity to abused women to get free access to medical, dental, and facial reconstructive surgery and other procedures when abused women need such services as a direct consequence of domestic abuse.

Church and religious organizations are also actively involved in providing support to abused women who had escaped or are trying to get out of an abusive relationship. The American society is not wanting when it comes to supporting abused women and in fighting domestic violence, a problem that is more widespread than what is normally perceived.

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