Grants for Abused Children

Grants for abused children are provided under the Child Abuse and Neglect State Grants, administered by the Administration for Children and Families under the Department of Health and Human Services. The grant is provided under the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act, as amended, Section 106, 42 U.S.C. 5101.

The grant aims to assist States in the support and improvement of their own child protective services systems. It is a formula grant which means that funds are channeled to the different state governments for distribution to the local level based on the State’s population as determined by the latest census data.

The CAPTA Basic State Grant gives States the option to choose from a wide variety of activities they can do as outline in the legislation. The State may undertake a program that will include an intake, assessment, a screening process, and investigation of any report of child abuse and neglect. The State may also create and improve the use of multidisciplinary teams and avail of interagency protocols in order to enhance investigations of child abuse. The State has the option to improve its legal preparation and representation, case management, and improve its risk and safety assessment tools and protocols in handling cases of child abuse. The State can develop and update its systems of technology, training on research-based strategies in dealing with families of abused children, and handling of the legal duties of individuals involved in child abuse cases, including the personal safety training for case workers who handle cases of child abuse.

The CAPTA Basic State Grant gives States the opportunity to adopt measures to improve the skills, qualifications, and availability of personnel that will provide services to children and families, improve public education relating to the responsibilities and role of the child protection system of the State, including the nature and basis for reporting suspected incidents of child abuse and neglect. The State is given the opportunity to develop a system of supporting and enhancing collaboration among the different public health agencies, the child protection system, and the different private programs to provide child abuse and neglect prevention and treatment services which include a link with the public education system in the State. The State may also take measures to address the health needs of all children who are identified as abused and neglected. Such measures must include a prompt, comprehensive health and developmental evaluations of children who are the subject of a verified and proven child maltreatment reports.

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