Grants For Asian Americans

America is a county with a diversity of cultures in its population. With a growing number of Asian American citizens residing in America, social acceptance, equal rights and opportunities have become one of their major concerns aside from racial discrimination. Several foundations and organizations have been generous in giving grants to support the causes of Asian American communities. These grants are either financial aid or opportunities for free education.

National Latino and Asian American Study

This study grant is awarded by the Trinity College and is awarded to Asian Americans and Latinos. The purpose of the study is to investigate how the use of social support varies among different cultures. It also examines how family social networks have an impact on psychological distress and how mental health services are used for Asian Americans and Latinos. The study also investigates if acculturative stress and family cohesion has any impact on the mental health and social networks of these cultural groups. The source of data would be the National Latino and Asian American study.

The amount of grant will be given to eligible applicants amounts to $74,873. It is associated to the RWJF National Program. Applications may be sent or emailed to:
Trinity College
300 Summit Street
Hartford, CT 06106-3100
(860) 297-2000

HBS4A Scholarship

The Harvard Business School gives scholarship grants to executive directors of non-profit organizations that give direct benefits to Asian American communities and has an interest in the SPNM program (Strategic Perspectives in Non-Profit Management) of Harvard Business School. HBS4A scholarship program will cover the cost of tuition, on-campus occupancy accommodations, meals and program materials.

The SPNM is a 6-day program to be held in July at Harvard Business School and top professors of the Business School will be doing the lectures. The aim of the program is to guide leaders of non-profit organizations to explore proactive methods in mastering nonprofit leadership. The HBS colleagues and faculty challenge the participants to enhance and improve their abilities in their organization’s effectiveness.

Qualified applicants should be executive directors of non-profit organizations who give 1/3 of the organization’s services to the benefit of Asian American communities. The annual operating budget of the non-profit organization should be at least $500,000.

To apply for the scholarship you must scan, complete and email the following requirements: an SPNM application form, a cover letter, resume and recommendation letter from a member of the board.

Women, Arts and Activism Fund

The Asian Women Giving Circle is supporting projects led by Asian American women. The projects should be using tools of arts, culture and education to raise awareness and increase action directed on critical issues that have an impact on Asian American communities. The grant called the Women, Arts and Activism fund is to support the projects and programs that combine activism and arts and which focus and promotes women’s innermost role in leadership, development, creation and management.

To apply for the program the following requirements must be submitted: complete Request for Proposals with application and description details; application checklist; project budget template; online application.

Applicants for the grant should send their applications online or to this address:

    Janice Atkins
    Coordinator of Donor Services
    312.616.8000 ext. 150

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