Grants for Central America

The Ford Foundation recognizes the problems encountered by the migration of people to Central America. The foundation aims to deal with the problems that are related to the migration. They are also working to lessen the innate barring in the said region. They are putting their efforts to solve problems that are structural in which individuals move out from their origin and this will in turn make migration as an option and not prerequisite.

The grants for Central America is their commitment that will formulate payments to the recipients of the aid, whether organization or individual, in order to work further for the initiatives of the foundation over a preset time frame. Once the grant is given to the recipient, they can use that monetary aid in helping the goal of the Ford Foundation. Recipients will agree to the terms and conditions set by the foundation though signing to a letter. Normally, the classifications of grants offered by Ford foundation are as follows: general grant or the core support, project, planning, matching, competition, individual, endowment, recoverable, program related investment and foundation administered projects.

Each year, Ford Foundation is accepting more than 2,000 applicants from over 44,000 hopefuls. The monetary or financial aids they provide ranges from thousands of dollars to even millions of dollars and it all depends on the initiative or project proposed.

As of this year, these are the initiatives that the Ford Foundation is funding: first is to promote accountable, effective and transparent government in Central American countries such as El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua. This initiative goes in hand in hand in their work to protect the migrant and immigrant’s rights. The funds that will be granted in this initiative are used for the clarification of the issues of the relationship between the migration and relevant security policies. This will also help in monitoring the force of the policy to the migrants. Another is the initiative to work for the immigrants and migrants’ rights. The funds are used for legal efforts to defend the rights of immigrants and migrants.

In addition to the above initiatives, the foundation is also working on the opportunities coming from livelihood that are for poor homes. The funds are used for the development of rural areas and strengthening of the market that will sustain its citizens. In other words, this initiative is more on economic development and growth in the Central American region.

Interested organization and individuals may get to know more about the Ford Foundation by calling the Ford Foundation in their telephone numbers: (+52) 55-9138-0270 or (+52) 55-9138-0279. You can also pay a visit to their office located at Emilio Castelar 131, Colonia Polanco 11560, Mexico, D.F.

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