Grants for Americans Studying Abroad

It’s always good to know something about other countries. Knowing their culture, their language, and their history enriches our own life and even if we visit other countries only as tourists, there will always be something about other countries that will rub off on us. And if you plan to study abroad, the more you will imbibe whatever that country has to offer. There are many grants for Americans studying abroad and these grants can open a lot of opportunities for you to realize your dream of living in a foreign country. You can learn a new language easily as you will become immersed in the country’s daily life where you can learn the nitty gritty of the language. Living in their culture first hand will give you a new perspective or even introduce you to a new philosophy of life that may make you understand better your own country.

American Institute for Foreign Study (AIFS) Study Abroad Scholarships

The AIFS was founded in 1964 and has since them become the leader in study abroad programs that include summer, semester and whole academic year college courses in any of their 24 campus located around the world. AIFS has over 200 affiliate colleges and universities that offer study abroad scholarships worth $200 for summer course programs and $400 for semester course programs. They also have their own AIFS International Scholarships that they award to deserving students with high academic grades.

AIFS partners with other institutions to provide grants for Americans studying abroad such as the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities (HACU). The AIFS-HACU Scholarship program provides grants worth up to $50,000 to outstanding Hispanic students. These students can use the money to study abroad through the AIFS international network of schools for a Fall or Spring semester program.

The AIFS-NAFEO Scholarship program is cooperative effort between AIFS and the National Association for Equal Opportunity in Higher Education. This scholarship is awarded to outstanding black students to enable them to study abroad for one Fall or Spring semester program in any of AIFS international campus.

The Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship Grant is given to deserving undergraduate students already receiving a 2-year or 4-year educational grant from the Federal Pell Grant program. This is can be considered as a bonus scholarship grant that will allow eligible students to study abroad. And as an added perk to this bonus scholarship, the AIFS is giving another bonus scholarship on top of the Gilman grant worth $500. Recipients can use this money for a semester or academic year program with AIFS in any of their international campuses.

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