Grants for Africa

Available grants for Africa mainly cover three areas: travel, missionary work, and research. Travel grants for Africa provide funding for several types of activities such as academic study, the conduct of research on different areas of interests, and educational exchange of U.S. students and teachers with their African counterparts.

The Fulbright Awards Grants

They provide opportunity to U.S. students and educators to study or do their research in the different African countries and for African students to do the same in U.S. universities and colleges. The Fulbright Awards also provide funding for individuals to share special knowledge and expertise during their African trip.

The Council of American Overseas Research Centers Grants

This Washington, D.C. based organization award grants to American citizens the opportunity to conduct overseas research in the post-doctoral level. Areas of study financed by the organization include the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences. The research to be conducted must be done in the regional level of more than one country in Africa. An African country to be studied must be able to host a U.S. overseas research center that is participating in the program.

United Church of Christ Grants

Missionary trips to Africa are usually funded by grants to Africa provided by missionary organizations or by churches. The United Church of Christ in the U.S. provides $500 grants to Africa for individuals who will travel to Africa to do missionary work. The grants are associated with specific projects to be undertaken by the missionaries. Preference for the grant is given to people who have not received any previous grant.

Global Environmental Change Research Grant

The System for Analysis, Research and Training (START), a non-governmental research organization, is devoted to assist developing countries in building knowledge and skills to create solutions for environmental changes in the local and global scale. START gives a grant for Global Environmental Change Research to a scientist from an African country for a one year project on global environmental change (GEC) in the African continent. Applicants for the grant must submit a proposal that will address methods in environmental change, including ways of improving the changing climate in the Earth. The results of the research must contribute to the long-term solution to African problems.

The Ford Foundation Grants

They sponsor grants to research projects that will address the roots of Africa’s problems and will target Africa’s socio-economic imbalance and the continent’s vulnerability to HIV/AIDS. Recipients of the grants for Africa must work with the different societies in the continent in order to initiate fair governance and promote equal opportunities in the educational front.

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