Grants for Abroad

Grants for people who want to volunteer abroad are provided by many organizations and businesses. It is only a matter of finding the right organization that will fund your trip. Some grants for travel abroad may require that a written report be submitted while others require participation in media events or the submission of regular updated in the course of the travel.

Grant opportunities for travel abroad can be found in websites that cater to international funding. You can search for grant opportunities by theme, country, or the type of work or activity you desire. Multiple grant listings about travel abroad can be found also in libraries.

Eligibility for grants for travel abroad varies according to the organizations that will give them. Some grants are for college students only while others may be for those people who will volunteer to render service in a foreign country.

Applications for grants abroad usually require a lengthy application process that will include letters of recommendation, a comprehensive resume, photocopy of passport, and a personal essay outlining the reasons why you aspire to travel abroad.

Grants for abroad may not cover the entire cost of traveling abroad. Basic volunteering grants may range from a few hundred dollars to a few thousands so it will be a good idea to apply for multiple grants. Getting multiple grants for traveling abroad will guarantee that all the expenses in the travel will be covered.

Once grants for travel abroad had been obtained, the next step is to find the organization through which you can volunteer abroad. There are many organizations that have existing ties with the destination countries and they will be able to provide information on the unique opportunities a foreign country can offer. These organizations can also help out with all the requirements of volunteering for a foreign country such as the documentation and vaccination requirements. Make sure that the organization you will be working with is a legitimate one as there are scams everywhere.

Some of the major volunteer organizations that send people to many countries in the world are:

  • Peace Corps – This organization is a volunteer program that aims to provide technical assistance, provide help to people in foreign countries understand U.S. culture, and help Americans understand foreign culture as well. This volunteer organization provides assistance to foreign countries in areas related to social and economic development.
  • The United Nations Volunteers – It is a multi-national organization with more than 7,500 volunteers around the world to promote development and peace.
  • United Planet – It is an international organization that offers trips that ranges from one week to one year.
  • Village Volunteers – It is a non-governmental organization that works with villages to provide education and community growth.

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