Free Government Money

Across the globe, Governments have been giving away Free Money in Government Grants to businesses, organizations, and individuals in need. In United States alone, over $650 Billion Dollars in Grants have been given away to qualified US businesses, organizations, and people like you.

Agriculture & Farm Grants

Find agriculture and farming grants for small and large farms, dairy farms, women owned farms, organic farms, usda farms, tree farms and more.

Art Grants

Find grants for the arts including visual arts, government funded, fine arts. If you enjoy painting, sculpting, drawing, acting or other arts related activities we have a large collection of art grants.

Business Grants

Find business grants from the government and private entities. Whether you have a small business, large business, new business or established business there are many grants available nationwide. Information on business grants for women, men, minorities and more.

Community Development Grants

Find community development grants from the government and private entities. Help grow your community using federal and private funds for community colleges, community service, community garden, parks and beautification programs.

Disaster Prevention and Relief Grants

Find disaster prevention and relief grants for home owners, renters and business owners. Have you been affected by floods, hurricanes, tornadoes or earthquakes? You may qualify for federal disaster relief grants.

Education, School and College Grants

Find education grants for private schools, universities, colleges and more. Scholarships from various federal and private agencies are available to help you attain a degree.

Employment, Labor and Work Grants

Find grants for work related projects. Whether your an employer or employee there are grants that can help your business or career grow. Federal and private entity loans are given out to employers nationwide.

Energy Grants

Energy grants for solar, wind, oil and fuel are available through federal and private agencies. Green energy grants are available in most states, whether your looking to purchase a new car or upgrade appliances in your home there are tax credits and grants available.

Food and Nutrition Grants

Find food and nutrition grants for schools, daycares, home schooling and others. Increase the availability of healthy food and nutrition training in your school or you are interested in educating and expanding peoples knowledge on eating proper diets and living a healthy life.

Medical Health Grants

Find grants in the health industry for things such as hospitals, doctor and dentist offices, medications and more. Medical grants are available for children and adults from federal and private agencies.

Housing Grants

Find housing grants for new or existing homes. Are you purchasing a new home or putting an addition onto your home? There may be a homeowner grant available in your community from federal or private entities. Need government assistance with housing? Government and Federal subsidized housing grants are available.

Science and Technology Grants

Find science and technology grants, generally awarded to schools, colleges, universities, teachers and students. Created to inspire and grow education and advancement in science and technology among youth and young adults.